When thinking about equipment maintenance, your thoughts may automatically focus on beams, pommel horses, and vaults. However, carpet bonded foam is what covers most surfaces in your gym. Keeping it clean and stain-free will help the longevity of the mats and leave a positive, lasting impression on member athletes and families. Below we have outlined several steps for prevention of excess dirt, stain removal, and deep cleaning of your carpet bonded foam gym surfaces.

  1. Prevent tracking from any outside surface onto your carpet bonded foam 

a. Position doormat style mats around the floor and have all participants wipe their feet before walking on the floor 

b. Do not use street shoes on the floor. Shoes that are worn outside are still to be considered street shoes. Having shoes that are only used on the floor will do the most in keeping your floor clean. 

2. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is a very good way to maintain the appearance and hygiene of the carpet bonded foam. Regular vacuuming is also helpful. 

a. DO NOT use soap/chemicals in the hot water extraction process. If all the soap is not removed, your floor will feel sticky and the remaining soap will attract more dirt and grime. 

b. The foam on the underside of the carpet bonded foam will not absorb water like the carpet pad in homes/offices 

c. Since the water will not soak through the carpet into the foam, more water may be used. Please note, if you have a flexible floor, the water will leak through the seams. 

d. Be sure to vacuum the water out of the carpet. Place several fans to blow air across the floor. 

e. Be careful not to get water on the gym floor under your mats. It is a good idea to roll up the mats to inspect for water. 

3. Sanitizing the mat surface. 

a. City health departments are recommending a one to one hundred part solution of bleach to water for killing germs 

b. A bleach solution of one to one hundred will NOT harm or discolor the carpet. The mat fastener however will be discolored, so it should all be removed before cleaning. 

c. The bleach cleaning may be used in conjunction with the hot water extraction. An extra rinsing might be required to remove the bleach smell. 

d. Use caution as the bleach will ruin most clothing it comes into contact with

4. Removing stains. 

a. Use the mildest cleaning agent available. The less chemicals in the cleaner, the less likely your carpet will be discolored. 

b. Spot test a small area of the carpet bonded foam prior to cleaning the stain to ensure the carpet won’t be discolored. 


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