Unites States Gymnastics Suppliers Association

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We are the world’s largest association of Gymnastics Suppliers and Manufacturers. We are here to help guide, develop and lead the industry for a better future for gymnasts, coaches, clubs and companies servicing the gymnastics community. We participate in information gathering that is used to promote and better the sport.


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Supporting the Industry

What we do

Our Industry Services


Our businesses are owned and operated by your gymnastics neighbors!  We care about and are invested in the well-being of our gymnastics community and its future.

MakING a Difference

Small businesses, like our gymnastics vendors, employ 77 million Americans and accounted for 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years. We support all aspects of our industry!

Gymnastics Equipment

Vendors for gymnastics equipment for all disciplines gymnastics grips, mats, home equipment and meet equipment rentals

Uniform & Apparel

Vendors for leotards, warm-ups, workout wear solutions for every discipline, every athlete fitting every budget—for women and men

Music & choreography

Vendors for floor exercise and beam choreography, routine music, private clinics, team training camps, touch-ups and more


Vendors providing publishing of gymnastics related news and articles as well as instructor certification services

Service Organizations

Vendors providing organizational service such as coaches organizations and groups

Novelties & Such

Vendors specializing in ribbons and trophies, charms and jewelry, grips, meet gifts and gymnastics gadgets

Scoring and Gym Management

Vendors providing meet scoring and online gym management systems

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We have a common goal to form a cooperative working relationship with the governing body of the sport of gymnastics along with educational leaders in the industry. Through educational programs, we all work to improve coaching technique, business issues, and the health and safety concerns of all participants in the sport.

Get Involved

USGSA is charged as an organization to help the governing body promote attendance at National and Regional educational events and trade shows. It is also the position of the USGSA to listen to industry members and communicate, as well as initiate, new and exciting ideas and possibilities specifically related to the trade show element of educational events.