A CHECK LIST for parents seeking a gymnastic program for their children.
The gymnastic program should include the following:

  • A progressive curriculum based program the provides for ultimate development both physically and emotionally.
  • Continual education for staff that are safety and safe sport certified.
  • A program that is affiliated with a certified national gymnastic organization.
  • A program that offers a trial class with evaluation of skill and maturational levels for proper class placement.
  • The ratio of instructors to students that provides for maximum participation and skill development.
  • A clean facility with updated and safe equipment that is skill age specific.
  • Separate learning stations and specialize equipment for all ages and abilities.
  • A list of expectations that provides for the child’s safety including proper behavior and attire.  Such as:
    Snug fitting gymnastic apparel
    No jewelry or shoes
    Hair securely fastened off the face

Ultimately the child should have an enjoyable and positive learning experience while developing appropriate gymnastic skills.🤸‍♂️